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In its simplest form, a capabilities statement is a promotional or marketing statement about your business and its capabilities and skills that advertises who you are and what you do. However, Capabilities Statements must be tailored to your audience: the government buyer or prime contractor and branded to your company. 


There are numerous certifications available to small businesses depending on the ownership of the company.  There are certifications specific to Small Business that are race and gender-neutral as well as woman or minority-owned businesses.  SMR will research and assist will all available certifications in your region.

When a government entity wishes to purchase a good or service over a certain dollar amount (depending on the entity) they post a Request for Qualifications, Request for Proposal or Request for Pricing.  This document outlines the information you as the supplier must provide in order to be considered for the opportunity.  Your response must be both compliant and responsive. 

Compliant is the act of meeting all stated requirements in the RFQ/RFP.  Those requirements include, but not limited, to due dates, number of pages, and requested information/documents/forms.

Responsive goes beyond compliant.  Responsive proposals address customer goals, underlying concerns, and key issues and values that may not be spelled out in the solicitation. 

Capabilities statements